ServiTORA App


cloud-based POS for food & drink retailers

WHAT IS SERVITORA? Mobile Ordering System

Meet the most up-to-date, state-of-art procedure of managing your business. Simplify and control your processes, from taking the order to check-out. Quick service with no mistakes.
Ideal for bar, restaurants, coffee shops, night clubs, fast food and delivery stores.

ALL-IN-ONE A management system for your business

One unified smart and simple platform for all your needs. Monitor the workflow and optimise the process every step of the way. Servitora makes it easy to stay ahead of competition and make smarter decisions.

Manage and control every process of your business

NEW APPROACH ON F&B INDUSTRY Innovation that stands out

  1. Organize your business, boosting its efficiency and profitability
  2. Ease of use without the need of training for your staff
  3. Cash management to track everything and reduce errors, theft and discrepancies
  4. Works offline and syncs your sales when you have internet connection
  5. Προηγμένα Χαρακτηριστικά

VIDEO ServiTORA changes the ordering systems


SMART FEATURES An F & B revolutionary app

Find out what makes great our online POS software


Wireless Ordering
Fast ordering without mistakes

Waiters submit customer's orders from a smartphone or tablet and kitchen or bar is informed in real-time. Servitora is easy to set up and a joy to use.

Online Ordering
Online ordering

Start receiving orders from your own web site.
Give your customers an easy, modern and mobile way of ordering without paying commision fees to third-parties.

Food Delivery Φαγητού
Delivery service

Delivery of orders with ServiTORA app is quick and reliable. Monitor the order every step of the way and help drivers to deliver fast and accurate.


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