Retail Food and Beverage POS Application

Servitwra POS

The use of a mobile ordering system offers a clear competitive advantage to Catering and F&B businesses, providing total control for business owners, while it reduces errors and increases performance.

Servitora's smart algorithm, automates throughout the workflow. The wireless ordering procedure for each waiter, printing the order on a thermal printer with relevant comments for the kitchen, notifications when something is ready to be served, up to checkout and payments management.

Create individual staff accounts and track sales. Easily customize permissions to restrict what users can see and do. Servitora is incredibly intuitive and easy to use. Train your staff in minutes and get them up to get orders in no time. Get statistics and financial data at a glance in real-time. Read the reports and keep tabs on your key metrics and many many more features all accessed from anywhere.

HOW IT WORKS Wirelessly to every device

All devices (computers, smartphones, tablets & printers) communicate with your network in both wireless and wired way.
Internet connection is not required.
All working stations communicate with each other, making the workflow smarter.

ServiTWRA on tablet


Smart features for an all-in-one total solution

  1. Unlimited users to be assigned different roles, monitoring every action
  2. Mistake-free ordering aiming to maximize your businesses’ performance
  3. Low cost yearly subscription without any hidden costs
  4. Dine-in for customers dining inside your store
  5. Take away for customers passing-by your store
  6. Delivery for customers wanting the order on their place
  7. Online presence to find your business easily
  8. Reporting on full details with graphs, to have a clear picture
  9. Support with 365 availability for peace of mind